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What is an Escape Room?

Escape rooms have been popping up recently all over the world. What is this new phenomenon about?

Also known as exit rooms or breakout rooms, an escape room is an interactive live adventure game in which players discover clues and unravel puzzles in order to solve an overall objective in a limited amount of time. Commonly, they are given 60 minutes to escape a room, but sometimes the object may be to defuse a bomb or solve a mystery. During the adventure, players will open a series of locks to discover more clues and puzzles they need to solve in order to complete the mission.

Escape Rooms are the newest and most popular activity for any occasion. Instead of your usual night out, gather your friends for a exciting challenge or go out for a unique date night experience. Gather the co-workers together for a unique team building experience. Create family memories by working together on your ultimate escape. Take a break from the sun by testing your wits.

At Room With a Clue in Honolulu, Hawaii, our scenarios present different themes and objectives to solve. You'll find different and unique types of puzzles suited for all types of personalities. We strive to create interesting and thoughtful challenges to give you the best experience. Riddles, logic, and searching are some of the various types of puzzles you'll encounter. Outside-the-box thinking is a must! If you're stuck, our friendly game masters can provide clues to help you on your journey.

Sound great? Book your escape today!

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