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A Christmas Escape: Santa's Naughty List

In 2016, we ran our Christmas themed escape game, Santa's Naughty List, with great success! We are happy to announce that episode 2 is back for this year's holiday season. If you played last year, there will be some similarities, but there are many new surprises and twists to keep you entertained. This new version has been well-received.

You found out Santa added your name to his naughty list. It's unsure why - maybe you have been extra naughty or it could simply be a mistake. Either way, something must be done. You and your team have traveled to Santa’s house at the North Pole to fix the situation. You have 60 minutes to find the naughty list and remove your name before the elves return from their break to catch you! If you're stuck, the game masters can help you so that you'll be on your way to receiving presents this year.

The game is scheduled for a limited time only. Book your escape now through January 2018!

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