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Dark Rocks

A Krampus Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and evil is brewing. Krampus doesn't get the same recognition as Santa even though he works harder. This year things are going to change, Krampus is coming to town. Hide all your stockings, get under your beds, try not to make his list...

In this new room, there is a thrilling experience that awaits you as you journey into his world. Nothing is safe anymore as you venture further into the darkness and further into madness. The only question left to answer is: What happened to Santa?

The best hour of your day

Rooms are always private AT NO ADDITIONAL COST!



Room With a Clue is Honolulu's real life escape game adventure. You're locked in a room filled with mysteries, clues, and puzzles. Try one of our locally designed and built rooms! 

You have 60 minutes... Do you have what it takes? 


Escape Rooms - Great for Gamers

Competitive Teams

Gamers and athletes love the challenge of trying to beat the clock. Getting out is great, but true victory is trying to beat the record time. Room With a Clue will test your skills and wits.

Escape Rooms - Great for Family

Friends & Family

Room With a Clue offers a unique experience for friends and family to bond over a common goal. Our family friendly rooms offer an adventure that everyone can enjoy.

Escape Rooms - Great for Team Building

Business Groups

This is not your ordinary team building event.
Room With a Clue offers several options for teams to work together on communication, problem-solving, and functioning toward success. 

Escape Rooms - Great for tourists

Tourists & Visitors

When you visit Hawaii, take a break from the sun with a different kind of fun. Clever and unique puzzles will make you want to play all the games at Room With a Clue. 


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A Strange Case

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Dale's Barber Shoppe

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A Krampus Christmas

Sushi Room.JPG

Kobe Sushi Co.

Are you ready to conquer the clues?

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