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Dale's Barber shoppE

Capacity: 2-8 players *

Difficulty: TBD

Escape Rate: TBD

Dale the barber is expecting a famous client at his barber shoppe and he is trying to get everything in place. The only problem would be that his new assistant locked his special tool kit in the safe, and then changed the combination! Will you help retrieve the tools before the famous client comes in?

*Most comfortable with a max of 6

Beta Testing will be on June 8th, 9th and the 10th. There will be a survey to fill out after your game to make sure that we know more about your experiences in the game. The pricing during Beta Testing will be $22 per ticket. There is a 3 ticket minimum to book Dale's Barber Shoppe.

Wood sushi bar.


Capacity: 2-8 players *

Difficulty: 7/10

Escape Rate: 58%

Kobe Sushi Co. has built quite a reputation for sushi excellence; reservations are booked weeks in advance.  KSC is about to open for dinner when Kobe discovers that the 'golden fish' for his signature dish is nowhere to be found.  He knows that KSC's stellar reputation is on the line and desperately needs your help!

*Most comfortable with a max of 6

A Strange Case

Capacity:   2-8 players * 
Difficulty:   9/10 

Escape Rate:  31%


A mystery has baffled the town since the mid 1980's, when several children went missing. Bizarre circumstances, weird noises, and odd powers were present in the town. The cases remained unsolved. One boy's mother dedicated her life to finding out what happened. You're here at his childhood home to look for clues that can save him.

*Most comfortable with a max of 6



Capacity:    2-8 players *

Difficulty:   8.5/10

Escape Rate:   37%

Where have all the beautiful colors gone?  We've somehow fallen into a colorless abyss and need to quickly escape this monochromatic nightmare.  Do you have what it takes to bring back the colors that paint our world?

*Most comfortable with a max of 6

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