Island Missile Crisis:  This is not a drill

Capacity:   2-5 players 

Difficulty:   7/10

Escape Rate:  TBD


Here's a rare opportunity to tour our island's elite ballistic missile headquarters. Safety is of paramount importance when dealing with missiles and munitions, so it is vital that you heed the tour guide's instructions as you learn about control panels, guidance systems, and much more.  Be aware that emergencies may occur at any time and a crisis could be around the corner.  This is not a drill.


A Strange Case

Capacity:   2-5 Players  
Difficulty:   7/10 

Escape Rate:  30%


A mystery has baffled the town since the mid 1980's, when several children went missing. Bizarre circumstances, weird noises, and odd powers were present in the town. The cases remained unsolved. One boy's mother dedicated her life to finding out what happened. You're here at his childhood home to look for clues that can save him.


Save Christmas

Capacity:   2-5 players 

Difficulty:   8/10

Escape Rate:  TBD


*Limited Time Only*  This is a seasonal room

Tis the holiday season! Santa is eager to set out on his gift-giving journey, but Rudolph isn't feeling up to snuff.  Can you help to restore Rudolph's energy in time to save Christmas?

1130 N Nimitz Hwy, Suite B295

Honolulu, HI 96817

808-797-8147  (Call or Text)

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